Meet Rupert

Last night we talked about restoring a car together, sometime. It might be a fun project! What sort of car would we like? Hypothetically speaking, of course. Let’s have a look at Trade Me- just to see what’s out there.

Today we’re off to Silverdale, cash in pocket, to look at a Mini. Funny how that happens.

Meet Rupert: he’s a 1963 Mini Super Deluxe, though someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to collect as many Cooper bits as they can. And I think he might become ours.


He looks to be in fairly good condition underneath the faded paint and well loved interior. All the right bits are there- “it should be a fairly easy restoration”, I said at the time. (Here’s a tip: if anyone ever says that to you, just slap them until they come to their senses.)


The interior looks original and fairly complete, and the floors haven’t been replaced.


Original swing down number plate holder….


Cooper ventilated wheels, overriders, stainless sill trims, piano hinge rear windows- all the good stuff! A (far too brief) test drive and he was ours. Deposit paid, we’d be back in a couple of days to pick him up.

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