More boot floor nasties.

At the back the horror continues. One of the previous owners was a master sculptor, but once the bog’s ground away the true quality of the repairs is evident.

IMG_3169Oh god.

Just keep cutting, and cutting, and cutting until all the rust is gone…

Old rusty/patched floor is being removed with extreme prejudice. IMG_20120723_111218

…and install a replacement floor.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. (repeat) And maybe just a few MIG plug welds where the spot welder couldn't reach.

The right side corner was also a masterful confection of bog and paint. Out with the cardboard templates again…

Surprisingly little rust in this corner, a Mini trouble spot. Cut... ...reproduce... Perhaps brushing it will make it look better? Or I could just grind it off.

Good as new. Ok, fine, good *enough*.

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