Little bits.

There are so many small parts that need to be cleaned up that building a blasting cabinet was the only sensible solution. Honest.

IMG_20120901_173501 IMG_20120901_173509

With a quick and easy way to clean up parts and ensure paint would stick to them, we made lots of progress.

IMG_20120904_180521 IMG_20120904_180531 IMG_20120904_180445 IMG_20120905_213800

Even the brake callipers had the treatment. Since we’re fitting new stainless pistons and seals, the old ones can stay in place to protect the machined surfaced from garnet.  A coat of 3M brake caliper paint and a bake in the oven should keep them looking good.

IMG_20120903_183726 IMG_20120903_183704 IMG_20120904_152916

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