Radius arm bushes

The rear suspension radius arms pivot on a hardened steel shaft, using needle roller bearings at one end and a bronze bush at the other. The needle rollers are easy to replace, but the replacement bronze bush needs to be reamed to size using the special and expensive mini radius arm reaming tool.


Bugger that, I’m going to turn one of the old pivot shafts into a reamer and do it myself. Where’s my angle grinder?

IMG_20120909_134812 IMG_20120909_134832 IMG_20120909_134843

I welded a nut to the shaft (oo-er) and reinstalled the old needle roller bearing to keep my flash new reamer aligned. I also forgot to take pictures with the needle roller in place, so you’ll just have to imagine it in the next photo:

IMG_20120909_134919 IMG_20120909_134929

Bloody hell, it actually worked!

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