While Brian was destroying the differential, I temporarily installed the new front wings. The drivers side went on just fine, but I struggled with the passenger side. Eventually it fit, and I stood back to admire my handiwork. Here’s what Rupert looked like:


I didn’t even take a picture. Instead, out came the measuring devices. Turns out Rupert has had a bit of an exciting life, and one of the inner wings is buckled. I could, I suppose, chase the dents around for days, or I could just buy a new inner wing. Also, the grille panel is a bit wonky, so that’s coming out as well.

IMG_20121001_133237 IMG_20121001_141948 IMG_20121001_142046

Brian is looking a bit perturbed by now, and rightly so.

IMG_20121001_144746 IMG_20121001_152505

One inner wing repaired, it was time to replace the subframe so we have some mounting points for the new grille panel…

IMG_20121001_154737 IMG_20121001_162254

Bolted on, everything seems square again, now for the new inner wing to bridge the gap.

IMG_20121001_164946 IMG_20121001_174802 IMG_20121007_161234 IMG_20121008_174904

Done. And the bonnet even fits properly. Well, close enough for now, at least.

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