More roof rail rust. Ugh.

More gross rust on the other side drip rail. This time I took more photos. Lucky you!

IMG_20121019_115123 IMG_20121019_115130

Oh look, someone has “repaired” it before. What’s under that masterful application of filler and paint?

IMG_20121019_120149 IMG_20121019_120809
Not much. Off it comes!

IMG_20121019_121111 IMG_20121019_121116
Surprisingly few holes in the roof flange. A bit of weld will fix those right up…

IMG_20121019_123454 IMG_20121019_123500

The new drip rails are kind of generic and need a bit of shaping before being spot welded into place.

IMG_20121019_131156 IMG_20121019_140130 IMG_20121019_143531 IMG_20121019_143744 IMG_20121019_143757 IMG_20121019_143752

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