Grille fitment- and a decision.

While Brian’s getting tangled in the wiring loom, I’m fitting the grilles. We have a choice of grilles: either the original Super Deluxe pressed steel grille (painted in white to match the wheels), or a stainless 7-slat Cooper grille.

In the end the white Super Deluxe grille won. It’s rarer than the Cooper grille, correct for the car (UK Super Deluxe models only had white painted grilles in 1962, but this is a New Zealand assembled car so 1963 is ok), and much cuter. Besides, we can fit the Cooper grille later if we change our minds.

IMG_20131215_190912 IMG_20131215_192934

The number plate and bracket are painted too, so I refitted them as well:

IMG_20131217_224418 IMG_20131217_224441

The number plate hangs down when the boot is open, intended so you can use the open boot lid as additional luggage space. Unfortunately it was discovered that exhaust fumes are drawn into the car when the boot lid is open, so the swing-down functionality was removed in later models.

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