Radiator shroud modification because insanity.

With the Mini ready for paint, I had some time to deal with a few minor items, like the inability to remove the radiator without pulling the entire engine and subframe first.

This is not normal for a Mini, but our Mini is hardly normal. I’ve chosen only the best performing parts to use with the radiator, but it seems the combination of plastic fan, super 2-core radiator, Mk1/2 radiator cowl, and single piece mk3 fan shroud result in not enough clearance to remove the radiator, no matter how you try.

The solution is to butcher… err, modify the Mk3 shroud, effectively turning it into a split mk1/2 shroud, but with a more efficient shape.


You’re not removing the fan through that tiny gap.



In fact, the fan belt is going to be a challenge.


No room for spanners in here either.


So: modification. I’m going to split the shroud at the top. These two pegs I’ve added to the bracket will keep it together while it’s in use.


no turning back now.


The bottom outlet needs to get past the shroud, so I’ve cut it here.


Adding a flange so we can bolt it back together.


like so.


You can even get at the bolt from the front of the engine. Sort of. Which is about as good as it gets with a Mini.

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