Seat frames

While I’m sanding the body, Brian’s going to work on the upholstery- which means we need to fix up the seat frames before the workshop gets covered in sanding dust.

Stripping the seats revealed a pair of mismatching seat frames- one has the original rubber diaphragm base and rubberised strap backrest, the other is a later model with wire springs everywhere.


The rubber diaphragm  makes for the most comfortable base, but wire springs make the most supportive backrest. What to do?!


It’s alive! Also, heated seats, because heated seats are cool- and the heater is unlikely to do much.

IMG_20140725_153426 IMG_20140725_153416

Both seat frames now match. A coat of paint and we’re ready to go:

IMG_20140728_190600 IMG_20140728_190524 IMG_20140727_164840

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