Upholstery time!

Time to get started on the upholstery. We’re sticking to the original pattern, but using leather instead of vinyl, because we can.

First, though, Brian’s going to practise making pleats:

IMG_20140730_143632 IMG_20140730_143653

We stripped down one old seat cover, and used it as a pattern.

IMG_20140807_160911 IMG_20140803_231049 IMG_20140804_125802 IMG_20140805_094129

Then the backrest covers.

IMG_20140807_182434 IMG_20140807_182408 IMG_20140807_195624 IMG_20140807_222539 IMG_20140807_222549

Finish off the door skins and rear seat covers and we’re done!

IMG_20140802_165123 IMG_20140809_130348

See how easy that was? yeah, right.

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