Sanding filler

So the Mini’s home, and we’ve made an isolation chamber for it. I’ve plumbed in the extractor from the sandblasting cabinet in the hopes that it’ll create a bit of negative pressure and keep the dust inside- but I’m not really expecting it to work.

Time to start sanding…

IMG_20140731_111850 IMG_20140731_173524 IMG_20140804_171414

Being able to work on the shell on any angle is super handy. We’re using long sanding boards and trying not to sand in the same direction too much, but flipping the car upside down should keep any ripples to a minimum. In theory.

IMG_20140804_171425 IMG_20140804_171435 IMG_20140804_171441

Sanding back through the white filler gradually reveals the black epoxy underneath- along with all the subtle (and not so subtle) dents and ripples in the panels.

It’s summer time, and gets hot quickly in the plastic bubble. With the Tyvek suit on I have about an hour before I’m sweating, and I don’t want to get the filler wet. The dust gets everywhere even with the gloves and mask on- though the plastic tent actually seems to be keeping it away from the rest of the workshop.

Motivation is difficult to find and I’m managing a couple of hours a day at the most. This may take some time.


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