Seam sealing!

The Mini’s shell is at the painters (Benge Spraypainting and Restoration) and Sin has let us help* with the seam sealing.


It’s possible that disassembling a shell and seeing all the places rust was hiding might have made me a bit paranoid.  In any case, I’m sealing every seam that was a bit rusty- which is almost all of them.

Masking tape to keep the sealer contained, brush the sealer into the join then smooth off with a prepsol-soaked rag, and we’re done. An easy 5 days work.

IMG_20150224_174854 IMG_20150224_174904

*Sin might have got the impression that I’m a bit fussy about some things, and we decided it might be easier if we did the seam sealing ourselves. Also, we’re cheap, and this is actually fun.


Stainless trim polishing

Our Mini has a lot of stainless steel trim, and most of it is showing its age. Luckily it’s fairly easy to polish, though some of the deeper scratches and dents needed a bit of hammering and sanding first.


First we give everything a bloody good clean- most of it was full of mud, spiders, and overspray in various colours.


Wet sanding with progressively finer sandpaper (finishing with 2000 grit)


A damn good polish on the buffing wheel- it turns out that it’s important to use the correct polishing compound for the metal you’re polishing. Jeweller’s rouge, which I had on hand, doesn’t do a great job on stainless steel. Since I couldn’t find any Green compound, I tried good old Autosol polish- and it worked a treat, albeit a bit splattery.


A final tidy up by hand and we’re done.