Seam sealing!

The Mini’s shell is at the painters (Benge Spraypainting and Restoration) and Sin has let us help* with the seam sealing.


It’s possible that disassembling a shell and seeing all the places rust was hiding might have made me a bit paranoid.  In any case, I’m sealing every seam that was a bit rusty- which is almost all of them.

Masking tape to keep the sealer contained, brush the sealer into the join then smooth off with a prepsol-soaked rag, and we’re done. An easy 5 days work.

IMG_20150224_174854 IMG_20150224_174904

*Sin might have got the impression that I’m a bit fussy about some things, and we decided it might be easier if we did the seam sealing ourselves. Also, we’re cheap, and this is actually fun.


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