I think we’re about ready for some primer. But first: more bog.

There are a whole bunch of little dents on the inside, as expected in a 50 year old car with lots of exposed metal. When the car was stripped back they looked fairly minor, but now it’s all the same colour they’re pretty noticeable- and will only look worse when it’s shiny. Sin’s going to fill the worst offenders (crossmember, companion pockets, and dashboard) before priming the whole shell.

2015-03-17 16.23.08

Finally it’s time for primer. We’re going for a dark grey on most of the shell, and white on the roof- the theory being that stone chips will be less obvious.

First, the white:

2015-03-23 11.09.10 2015-03-23 11.51.02

Then the grey:

2015-03-23 16.15.43 2015-03-23 16.16.00 2015-03-23 17.10.45 2015-03-23 17.10.57

It’s starting to look like a real car already! And, while primer is notoriously flattering, the panels actually look pretty straight.

2015-03-23 17.33.08 2015-03-23 17.33.24

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