SQUEEEE!! (AKA It’s painted!)

Normally I have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, especially when it’s cold. Today, though, I woke up to a most excellent email. “We are about to start making the mess polishing. You are more than welcome to pop in and have a nosy!”

Penrose, here we come!

IMG_20150612_112934 IMG_20150612_112949 IMG_20150612_113012 IMG_20150612_113844


I’m completely blown away by how good the paint job is. Every panel curves smoothly with not a ripple to be seen, the paint is flat and glossy and it’s not even been polished yet. It’s astonishingly shiny. Shinier than a Mini should be. Shinier than *any* car should be. I might still be in shock.


You want paintwork done? Go to Benge spraypainting and Restoration.

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