Roof lining

With all the Dynamat and wiring in place, the last thing to do before removing the rotisserie pole was to install the head lining. Which meant I had to install the new headlining on the frame first.



To get the factory look, I should really slap the glue on everywhere so it stains the roof lining around the edges. I’m not going for the factory look, and the glue was applied carefully.

The factory also regular office staples to attach the seams to the hood bows. Though quick to apply, the staples rust out (more staining) and don’t tension the roof lining smoothly. There’s nothing worse than a lumpy roof lining. I’m using glue. Duh.



Installing the roof lining is a fraught process when the car’s up the right way- it’s easy to stretch the fabric or scratch the cant rail. With the car upside down it’s a doddle.



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