The engine bay of nightmares.

Some people say that working on a Mini’s engine is difficult, but really it comes down to having the right tools.


Honestly, if you don’t even have a half-length, slim-ring 10 degree offset 9/16″ spanner, why are you even trying to work on cars? This one’s particularly useful for the lower carburettor flange nuts. Conventional wisdom says it’s easier to remove the inlet manifold complete with carbs and then undo the flange nuts on the workbench, but this engine bay is not very conventional. Or very wise.


Anyway: the magic spanner was retrieved from the dustiest toolbox, a blood sacrifice made to the engine bay gods, and the carburettors and air box installed.


Hey, Sin and Grant, aren’t you glad you spent all that time making sure the engine bay paintwork was gorgeous? (Maybe I shouldn’t laugh- the final bill hasn’t arrived yet ;-))

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