Break in. Break down. Broke.

A quick update:

100km completed. Break in oil has been changed for regular oil, and there wasn’t anything too nasty in the old oil, just a pearly sheen.

We’re still chasing oil leaks, mostly from the front end of the engine. I’ll pull the radiator next week and deal to all the leaks at once.

Things are starting to loosen up, but the steering is still far too tight, the gear change is baulky, the tyres slick, and the engine more powerful than expected. Driving can be… interesting… if you’re not paying complete attention.

The sporty engine might be a bit too sporty. We’ve had to swap the 1.5 ratio rockers for standard ones, as the idle was a bit mental. We’re also thinking of removing the extra top engine steady in an attempt to make the interior a bit quieter.

We had our first breakdown! The starter bendix refused to engage, and Brian had to push start the mini in teh Supercheap Auto carpark. Disassembly of the bendix revealed that oil from the starter motor bushing had migrated to the bendix, gumming it up with new clutch dust. I’ve cleaned it and refitted it, but I noticed a fair bit of wear on the worm drive and pinion teeth, so I’ve ordered a new bendix anyway.

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