7 thoughts on “And we’re done.

    • Someday, yes. It hasn’t been done yet because we need to find/build a constant rate flasher that fits a standard Toyota tag mount. Though, thinking about it now, the Toyota flasher we have in there uses a 555 timer IC- we could probably modify the circuit so it doesn’t use the bulb resistance to set flashing rate.

      Update: the flasher uses a UAA1041B Automotive Direction Indicator chip with Short Circuit Detection and Defective Lamp Detection. Not as simple and intuitive as a 555 circuit, but not rocket surgery either. The Toyota Tacoma people have figured it out here, though you might want to avoid looking at the pictures. Lots of cheap LED bulbs in stock tail lamps.

      • Also, it’s underneath the dashboard, and there are a few things to change under there- so it’ll all happen at the same time.

      • It’s set up for a Toyota 81980-16010 3-prong flasher, and while an EP35 would fit on the tag, the plug would have to be changed. That and quality Toyota flasher vs dubious quality generic flasher…

        It looks like we can alter Toyota’s flasher circuit to match LED bulbs with little difficulty.

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