Concessions to reality

It’s summer. It’s hot. Mk1 sliding windows are adorable, but they don’t let much air in.



Cheap junk from China to the rescue! It’s ugly, but it works. The fans are only held in place by magnets, so they’ll be easy to remove when it cools down a bit.

The other thing I’ve had to tweak is the wiper arms. They’re blinding if the sun is at just the wrong angle, so I’ve added a piece of grey adhesive vinyl to the offending face. Unlike the fans, it’s surprisingly discreet.

wiper arm

1 thought on “Concessions to reality

  1. You know, yeah. Matte antiglare wiper arm finishes sound like such a minor thing, but the difference they make is just enormous. The matte finish was widely adopted in ’66-’68 in America; likely similar timeframe in the RO(1st)W. My ’07 Accord has a chromey Honda logo in the centre of the steering wheel, and just today I vowed to fetch a little bottle of matte charcoal-grey model paint and a wee brush and dechrome it soon for exactly that reason.

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