A decent trip

We went on a long trip with a couple of friends from the Mini Car Club of Auckland. They called it the “Off the Beaten Track” journey, because we avoided as many main highways as possible, and mostly drove on small back roads.

Fast, tight, windy back roads, including a few that are used on the Targa NZ rally. You’ll note that Alan and Shelagh’s Mini is a bit lighter than usual, but we managed to keep up just fine.








We put over 1000km on the Mini in 4 days, and nothing broke or fell off, though the tyres had a good workout.

Mini Club Dyno Day.

Mini Car Club of Auckland organised a dyno day, so we went along to see how our engine compared.

It didn’t do too badly at all.




It ran nice and smoothly and ended up making 64hp at the wheels, which was pretty good. Most of the other 1275s were making around 50hp, though there was a highly tuned Cooper S and an 8-port 1430 that showed around 80hp.

The modified air box appeared to work, with the fuel mixture remaining stable at high revs.