Airbox, Mk2

The fancy(?) airbox I built works well now, but is a tiny bit big- it sometimes touches the wiring loom, and you can hear it vibrating through the firewall. It’s almost like I built it to suit a car without an inch of Dynamat on the firewall. Weird.


It’s also a bit rectangular. I’m sure I can make something better. But first we design it with CAD:


I have discovered the joy of using a former. Spending half hour making something you were only going to throw away seems like a waste of time, but it makes shaping the sheet metal amazingly easy, and very accurate.






No, I’m not showing what the welds looked like before linishing them back. Pulse welding might keep the sheet metal from warping, but it’s not pretty.

Test fit box, add an air inlet, and then paint:




So pretty. I even treated it to a new air hose, since the old one was a bit crap. Rubber end seals made out of a bit of old gumboot for Kiwi authenticity.



The new air filter is from a Nissan Tiida or Cube, a 1.6litre engine that makes 112hp, so it should flow enough air.


3 thoughts on “Airbox, Mk2

  1. Snazzy! I’m not quite clear just how the former works. How do you get the metal to conform precisely to its contours prior to welding?

    • With a soft-faced hammer (to avoid stretching the metal). Once metal is screwed to the former and can’t move, it’s easy to just bash it until it’s aligned. I also tack-welded the pieces together with the former still in place, discovering in the process that the laminated bamboo I used is surprisingly flammable.

      • Oh! And then you just what, weld up the screw holes?

        What does burning bamboo smell like?

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