Rear brakes: redux.

The last time we saw the rear brakes they were freshly installed and looked like this:


The rear brakes were one of the first things I finished, before we figured out that cast iron needs to be zinc plated, and that some newer cast iron parts are quite weak, especially when it comes to threads. In the excitement of final assembly I couldn’t be bothered going back and bringing the cylinders up to the same standard as all the rest, hence the brakes now look like this:



Gross. The bleed nipple hole isn’t deep enough and only engages 3 or 4 threads, and so they’ve partially stripped, allowing brake fluid to weep out. The cast iron brake cylinders have rusted. This is clearly unacceptable. Out with the Helicoils, zinc plating bath, and black paint!

Close encounters of the finnish kind


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a Super Minifin Brake drum that’s been sandblasted and painted in 3M calliper paint?

IMG_20120915_170243  IMG_20120915_170447

Yeah, it’s the third thing. The previous owner¬†went to a lot of trouble to collect all the mad parts they could find, and I love it! Finned alloy drums with built-in spacer blocks and cast iron liners. (Without the spacer blocks the wide Cooper wheel rims won’t fit).