Sills need replacing. No surprises here, then.

The sills are often the first part to rust out on a Mini, so I was surprised to find that Rupert’s sills seemed solid. After seeing the craftsmanship in the boot floor, I was also deeply suspicious. Off they come…

IMG_20120927_140807 IMG_20120927_140816 IMG_20120927_142320 IMG_20120927_142329

Huh. As gross as it looks, it’s actually not bad in there. Still, I cleaned it up and made sure all was well before putting new sills back on.

IMG_20120927_140844 IMG_20120927_140859

More rust

Having made pleasing progress with some of the smaller parts, I was ready to tackle the passenger side A-panel, which was even more rusty than the driver’s side.

IMG_20120906_182133 IMG_20120906_182141 IMG_20120906_183622 IMG_20120908_111045 IMG_20120908_111052 IMG_20120908_130032

Once the internal panel was removed, a small repair to the external panel was needed, and then the new internal panel could go in temporarily.

IMG_20120910_151729 IMG_20120910_152222 IMG_20120910_164439 IMG_20120910_164433


The corners of the windscreen scuttle were typically rusty, so we ordered¬†a couple of non-genuine repair panels. The quality of the repair panels was… disappointing. Here’s a picture that’s worth 1000 words (most of them curses).

. IMG_20120824_121546

I ended up using the bare minimum of the repair panel, but even that needed modification.
IMG_20120823_194616 IMG_20120823_200746

Early Minis had a panel that protected the hinge mounts from road spray. It seems like a sensible idea, so I made my own version.

IMG_20120824_203540 IMG_20120824_203550

Seat back repair

More poorly- disguised horror lurking in the rear seat back. The brushed-on underseal is a clue that this was a less than conscientious repair.
IMG_3141 IMG_20120810_162702 IMG_20120810_162652
This area contributes to the lateral stiffness of a Mini’s shell, so needs to be strong. More welding!




In hindsight, I really should have just replaced the entire boot floor/seat pan. This is why you have the shell stripped before commencing repairs.