Panel/Paint materials

Protecting panel steel while working on the shell: Henkel Bonderite O-PC 253 (was Kephos 253, paint shops just call it Kephos. Post.

Cleaning the bare steel shell before primer: Glasurit 360-4 Metal cleaner, maroon scotch pads, lots of white rags. Post.

Black primer: Resene 440 Industrial Epoxy primer Data Sheet here. .

Spray filler: 799 polyester spray putty (Also from Resene, but seems like fairly generic 2-pack spray putty)

Seam sealing: Wurth KD Bond & Seal Post

Stone chip: Wurth SKS stone guard (water based). Allowed to dry and sanded smoother on the sills and valences. Post

Primer: Glasurit 285 (2-pack) primer, grey on the body, white on the roof. Post

Interior: Glasurit 22 line solid colour (no clear coat). Also used on engine bay, boot, underside, and on the roof. Post

Exterior (except roof): Glasurit 55 line base/clearcoat, with *way* more clearcoat than is usual, so we can buff out any future scratches. Post