Rust. Quelle surprise.

So the pressure washing showed up a few areas that are less than ideal. The boot floor is a confection of steel, rust, bog, and underseal.

IMG_20120613_170453 IMG_20120613_170502

Let’s cut out the rotten metal and see what’s left. Shit.

Nothing for it but to get stuck in- we’ll start the ball rolling with a small repair.

IMG_20120705_140750 IMG_20120705_140759 IMG_20120705_145141




Cleco temporary rivets are awesome for panel repair, holding everything in alignment while you weld it in place.


That went well. Now feeling a little more confident, its time to tackle the boot floor.

IMG_20120706_120430 IMG_20120706_120442

Cardboard and masking tape to make up a template in situ…

IMG_20120706_121125 IMG_20120706_122421 IMG_20120706_163718

…transfer to steel and cleco in place.

IMG_20120719_170521 IMG_20120719_175837

Lots of plug welds into the rear subframe mount, and spot welds everywhere else.

IMG_20120719_180446 IMG_20120719_180500 IMG_20120719_181209 IMG_20120719_183003



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