Auxiliary switch panels

Mk1 Minis have an adorable little switch panel in the centre of the parcel shelf, with room for the choke and heater cables, 2 switches (wipers, lights), and the ignition key. Why would you need anything else?
If you *did* want anything else (for instance a windscreen washer, audio controls, fog light switches, electrical outlet, hazard warning switch…) you’d have to hang them from ugly black switch panels under the parcel shelf. I figure, as long as we’re adding the extra switches, we might as well make them a little more attractive…

First we make the alloy trim pieces, (ab)using the spindle molder and table saw.


Then we shape the aluminium to fit the new switch panels (which are freshly powder coated to match the original switch panel). The green masking tape and rubber-faced vise jaws help prevent any nasty new scratches, which would be a pain to remove later.

IMG_20131031_153918 IMG_20131031_153942 IMG_20131031_154013 IMG_20131031_154134 IMG_20131031_155245 IMG_20131031_154257 IMG_20131031_161443 IMG_20131031_155623 IMG_20131031_161644

Repeat as necessary:


And install.

IMG_20131031_192328 IMG_20131031_192336 IMG_20131031_192354 IMG_20131031_192359

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