Engine re-reassembly.

Time to reassemble the engine, and this time I’m being super paranoid. So I took photos.

First it gets a damn good clean with degreaser and brushes and rags on sticks and a lot of compressed air. And then I wipe it down with a clean paper towel to make sure it’s not still dirty. Obsessive-compulsives would be proud. Or uncomfortable.


I checked the fit of the followers by measuring the bores (all perfect), then dropping the followers in dry (they all fell in easily with a solid “click”)


Then we assemble with engine assembly lube (decent Torco brand stuff)


A decent dollop of engine assembly paste (Moly paste) to help the nice new lifters bed in.


…and more moly paste on the cam once it’s installed.


Drop engine into car (Attempt #1 pictured. Not pictured: attempts #2-#27, swearing, sweating, or bleeding.)…


…and test drive. Bursting the oil cooler is optional, but thoroughly recommended. Such fun. Aargh.


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