Minis were designed to be lightweight and inexpensive, which gives them their fantastic handling and performance, but also resulted in a level of interior refinement that is reminiscent of rolling down a hill in a 44-gallon drum full of spanners.

We might need to do something about that.


I’m avoiding filling the floor ribs (AKA drain channels) since this is a Mini and will probably leak at some stage, and I want any water to drain away rather than getting trapped. Also, the ribs are a bloody pain to roll Dynamat into. It’s still better than sanding though.


Dynamat is awesome, but it disappears quickly: The nice man at the Dynamat shop was incredulous when I told him I needed 17 sheets (“For a Mini? Are you doing the outside as well?”), but so far we’ve used 9 sheets and still have the roof, doors, rear bulkhead, and quarter panels to go- easily another 9 sheets.

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