Another new engine

We’re reconsidering the engine in the Mini- it’s great, but it doesn’t suit the way we actually use the car.

The current engine was built to be fairly powerful to suit a fun car, something to thrash about, maybe the odd track day or autocross. Unfortunately we seem to have installed it in something with leather seats, wilton carpet, and immaculate bodywork. It’s way too shiny for the mud, and too expensive for a close encounter with the tyre wall. Blasting down the motorway is fun for about half an hour, and then 3900rpm becomes tiring despite inches of Dynamat under the carpet.

So we’ve bought a new engine. I plan to fit a 2.9:1 diff (cruising at 3200rpm instead of 3800rpm might be nice), a more sensibly weighted flywheel for smoothness, and a cam that will make lots of lovely torque rather than outright power. We’ll see how it goes- we can always put the old engine back if it’s not right.

Or put the old engine into something a bit less precious.

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